MOOCs by
Noida International University

Learning Outcomes

  • The principles of news writing, including how to format articles according to industry standards.
  • Understanding news values.
  • Tips for creating catchy headlines.
  • Writing a compelling introduction.
  • The structure of a news story.


  • A good understanding of the English/Hindi language is required.


Learn the fundamentals of news writing and how to write to the industry standard.

This course is a step-by-step manual for creating news articles that are clear, compelling, and coherent. This course will provide you a crucial skill if you’re interested in a career in journalism. While those who are interested in honing their writing skills will discover that this course will improve their writing by giving them insight into how industry-standard news pieces are put together. Writing clearly and concisely is a skill that may be used in a wide range of professional sectors, not only journalism.

The main components of news writing will be addressed in this course, from headlines and intros to how to use quotations and organize your work.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and intermediate writers.
Module-1 Introduction 30 min
  • Topic-1 Course Introduction
  • Topic-2 what is News?
  • Topic-3 What are News Values?
Module-2 Writing Headlines 30 min
  • Topic-1 Introduction of Headline
  • Topic-2 Types of Headlines
Module-3 Writing Intro 30 min
  • Topic-1  The Importance Of The Intro
  • Topic-2 Fundamentals of Writing Intro
Module-4 News Structure 30 min
  • Topic-1  The Structure Of A News Story
  • Topic-2  Structure Fundamentals: The Five Ws