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Currently, I am a final year student of MPH. My experience at NIU has been great. NIU also has a hospital (NIIMS) where we can learn a great deal about medical sciences through theoretical and practical learning.

Nittam Thakut

MPH, Nepal

I am a 1st year MA student. One of my friends recommends NIU as he is also studying here since 2019. After I joined NIU I am enjoying the class lectures and the learning methods are quite interesting. The college campus is also well maintained. Now I can say with pride that I am a student of NIU.

Fasihullah Ghafoori

MA (Public Administration) AFGHANISTAN

I am pursuing M.Phil from NIU. It is a great institution and I am impressed with the kind of support we get from our lecturers. Our efforts are really appreciated.

Mayuri Dilani Jayampath

(M. PHIL-Management) SRI LANKA

Education awakens the latent consciousness of man and builds him/her as an enlightened personality. Education plays a major role in developing oneself & gaining inner peace by being engaged in welfare of the society & world. Noida International University helps each & every one of its students to become a truly benevolent person by taking care of them like a flower. I

am very glad & happy to be an ex-student of such student-oriented Institute.

Sudip Halder


I am in my first year of BBA program. My experience with NIU is very good. The learning process is also very interesting. Experienced good teachers are also there. Colleagues are also very friendly. I am glad to be a student of NIU.

Nyarath John Nyawelo Akol


I am a 4th year B.Tech Student. My experience with NIU is very good. I have learned many things from here. All the teachers are very polite to us and also very talented in terms of teaching. The college campus is also well maintained. I have so many beautiful memories with NIU.

Valdimiro Manduvo Conde Dunge


Belonging from Nepal, one of the best thing you will ever experience in NIU is the friendliest faculties, you feel like they are your friends. From very first day, they are always welcoming and ready to help. The course structure and syllabus perfectly fits as per your educational choice. NIU has such an environment that helps you get first-hand experience of international

students from different countries.

Govinda Katuwal

B.Sc. (Hons.) NEPAL

It is a great experience studying at NIU, my experience at NIU has been amazing. I have found it easy to interact with my lecturers. You should consider NIU if you wish to study in India. I promise you will not regret your decision



It is one of the best universities in India. All the teachers and friends are very helpful. Education system is also very interesting. I am very happy to be a part of this university.

Yaser Sulaiman


My experience at Noida International University has been wonderful. It helped me grow as an individual. The lecturers have very good communication skills. International students are also very friendly in all aspects.

Nichole Tanatskia Mutomera


I chose NIU for my masters because it has good learning facilities and the faculty members are so helpful and always available to guide us through our academics. My experience so far has been good. I would recommend NIU to anyone who wishes to study in India.