Thakur Pratap Singh Memorial Scholarship 2023

(For Meritorious students)

Noida International University is pleased to announce ‘Thakur Pratap Singh Memorial Scholarship’ for meritorious students pursuing undergraduate programs from NIU. The intent behind offering this scholarship is to bring deserving and thoughtful young talents to pursue their higher study with Noida International University. To avail the 100% scholarship (limited to 100 seats) in 1st year

Special Scholarship Scheme

  Indian Students International Students Percentage in   12th/intermediate
Scholarship 100% 100% 95% and above

First year scholarship will be as per the Board marks/Percentage achieved by applicant. To continue to avail 100% Scholarship from second year onwards merit scholarship will be considered till the end of the course with following terms and conditions.

  1. The student to be considered for scholarship should have passed all the examinations in the first attempt in the normal examination scheduled without any grace marks and back paper.
  2. The attendance of the student shall not be less than 75% and strength of branch shall not be less than 30 students.
  3. The student must not be charged with misconduct, misbehaviour, gross indiscipline, incident of ragging, use of drugs and narcotics etc. or any such misconduct.
  4. The student must not adopt unfair means in the examinations.
  5. The scholarship would not apply if there were a gap between academic sessions.
  6. If academic documents are found to be fabricated or misled by a student, the student will be penalized as per university norms.
  7. This scholarship is NOT a cash award nor will be adjusted anywhere apart from the fee payable by the awardee’s parent/guardian to the University as per the approved fee structure.
  8. Any student who withdraws/debarded from the University before the completion of his/her course shall pay the full scholarship amount granted to him before leaving the University.
  • This scholarship covers the tuition fee only; it does not cover other fees like Application form, Examination, Activity, Security, Hostel accommodation and Transport fee.
  • The above mentioned fees/expenses need to be paid as per university norms.
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