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Year 2011 marked the beginning of, the School of Liberal Arts at Noida International University. Liberal Arts explore various aspects of human society. It works for the creation and proliferation of, philosophy of life skills, critical thinking, imagination, creativity, aesthetics and pragmatic analysis of life.  It helps the students in exploring and viewing the world with a different perspective and prepare them to become better individuals and professionals. School aims at providing novel experiences to students through activities like – Seminars, Workshops, Guest lectures, Media sessions, Expert talks etc. to name a few.

School of Liberal Arts is a vivacious academic community in terms of teaching, extension activities and research. There are faculties from diverse backgrounds of social sciences to cater the various academic needs of the students. There are regular interactions with the Industry and NGOs and Government agencies in order to help students gain an understanding of the actual work challenges.

Dean's Message:

In a world which is heading towards materialism, we the people of liberal studies try to make it more humanitarian and philosophical. You’ll discover as a student of the liberal arts, a whole new way of looking at the world with a passion to work for sustainable prosperity. A Liberal Arts degree encourages critical thinking, originality and creativity, all of which are sought after, by employers. Because of their rarity employers want to hang on to the creative initiatives and problem-solving talents of emerging social scientists. Values never go out of style; a liberal arts degree is becoming increasingly useful to employers even though more and more jobs are being shelled out by technology. Such exclusive talents which liberal arts serve cannot be showcased by the machines.

We offer multidisciplinary education to prepare administrators, academicians, pioneers, and artists etc., to meet the requirements of the modern world. Our aim is to prepare students to face real-world challenges in a pragmatic and sensible manner.

Key Highlights of School:

  • School of Liberal Arts, Noida International University publishes annually a UGC CARE Listed Journal – “NIU International Journal of Human Rights”.
  • School provides counselling sessions and to help students.
  • School also have student clubs to furnish to the academic and cultural creativity of students. 
  • All offered courses are structured in a real-world oriented style and provide a window into the future, in keeping an update with the globalized contemporary social needs, very soon it will implement NEP 2020.
  • SLA strives to ignite intellectual curiosity and a passion for lifelong learning.
  • School of Liberal Arts have eight disciplines and offers Graduate, Post Graduate & PhD., in all disciplines.
1. English
2. Geography
3. History
4. International Relations
5. Political Science
6. Psychology
7. Public Administration
8. Sociology

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All Syllabus

  • Goldman Lucien The Philosophy of the Enlightenment
  • Growth of Mughal emprire
  • Article by Walton H. Hamilton on Charles Horton Cooley (MA 3rd semester)
  • Notes on Research Methods and Techniques (MA 3rd semester)
  • Research Gate Article by Douglas Massey on Human Societies (BA 3rd semester)
  • Unit-1 Concept, Nature and Scope of Personnel Administration
  • Rural Local Self Government 1
  • 2007 Democratic Waves
  • An Agenda for Democratization
  • Career view political science and international relations 2014
  • E1-35-03
  • Understanding Governance
  • Intro Statistics in Geography
  • RM Introduction
  • English Literature Notes ODD Semester

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Student Speaks

NIU is one of the best international university in Delhi Ncr. I am a fourth semester BA Student. Till now my experience with NIU is very good. All the faculty members are very helpful. Education system is also very good. I am very happy to be a part of this university.


NIU is one of the best university in India. All the teachers and friends are very helpful. Education system is also very interesting.I am very happy for being a part of this university


" Noida International University has given me an astonishing platform for the overall growth and development. Every faculty member of MBA department continuously provided assistance to grow in academics and my skills. NIU Placement is working hard for all students to get placed. "

Tejesh Kumar


Noida International University has provided us a very efficient platform for the exposure to the training and placement. I am very grateful to the university for providing us the best of placement opportunities and finally I got placed in HDFC and taken the first step to fulfilled my dreams.

Divesh Ranjan

I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful campus and the quality of facilities that Noida International University provides. Eventually the excellent pedagogy of the teachers and the amazing help I received to enhance my skill and improve my knowledge convinced me of the Excellency of Noida International University.



Noida International University has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was no different during the placement season. Regular classes held at our college to help us with our legal studies and skills were of great help. Our placement administration officers also guided and encouraged us at each step thereby helping me secure my placement at such a reputed company.

Monika Nahata


I would like to thank our faculty members who have provided a very supportive environment. NIU undertakes and promotes various managerial, cultural, creative and many other diversified activities, which reflects the grand vision of the NIU and all such activities, helped in my overall development. I also like to thank our placement division who had provided us ample of opportunities and finally got me placed with Capital Brix


Capital Brix Pvt. Ltd.

Noida International University has been a great contributor towards the development of my personality. The infrastructure of Noida International University is one of the finest in the NCR region is what stands out the most. NIU, has best faculties with an attitude of being ever ready to help, and not only delivering classroom teachings, but also providing the students with real-time case technical projects and hands on industry experience with field work.

Shruti Priyaq

Acadecraft Pvt. Ltd.

It been some of the lovely and memorable days I spent in Noida International University. NIU & its wonderful faculties are very cooperative and university environment is really good. Placement department has continuously provided assistance and gives opportunities in some of the best organizations in our country. NIU has made the best efforts to provide all the facilities for the students like Faculties, events, sports, etc.

Priyanka Singh


I'm so thankful that I chose Noida International University for my B.Tech program. I cherish the moments spent under the guidance of eminent faculty members, my mentors and Career Development Team. I highly recommend the University for giving an excellent learning environment and shaping my career.


Ingenious Energy Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

I am doing MA from NIU and I like the university and I am very happy to be a part of this university. This is one of the best university in Delhi (NCR). I select this university for the best environment and good library and also the behavior of teachers and friends are also very good. I am not feeling like outside to my country. The study quality is also very best


It was my golden phase during my tenure at Noida International University where I learnt and take a leap forward towards my career growth. The entire faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape one's future. It’s been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to outside. A big thanks to the Placement Team of Noida International University for providing great opportunities and supporting me by providing best career option.

Nadeem Alvi

Paytm Services Pvt. Ltd.

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