Training & Placement Process.

Vision : The professional progress of students by integrating the best employability skills within an academic environment and leading them towards the bright career.

Mission : To raise the knowledge and skills of the students, and to partner with the renowned organisation in the industry to provide best career opportunities for NIU students in India and abroad.

Purpose : The purpose of the Training & Placement Cell is to enhance the employability skills among students and to match the corporate expectations by providing them career guidance and training program, enable to gain students competitive edge in the recruitment cycle, groom their confidence and developing their  personalities via Soft Skills, Aptitude and Technical Training.


The students are trained to attain placement through a variety of programmes run by the Placement & Training Cell of NIU such as:

  • The Training programs have been formulated after a thorough analysis of unique requirement of various companies as the required skills will vary according to the company’s requirement.
  • Guest lectures sessions are being organized with the help of industry experts to bridge the gap between industry & academia.
  • Various Training Programmes are organized to train the students in the areas of Aptitude, Quantitative Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Verbal through the Reputed External Training centres. Imparting training program with the help of reputed training Institutes, enable the students to gain a competitive edge in the recruitment process, groom their confidence and developing their personality.
  • Technical training programmes are being conducted by Technical experts.
  • Language learning programmes to train students in developing their communication skills and foreign language skills.
  • Training through , Group Discussions and Mock Interviews for students to perform well in the professional interviews as per the expectations of the corporate world.

Placement Process:

  • The students are free to apply for companies offering jobs in their opted specialization through placement cell.
  • No applications from students in response to the press advertisements or to the organizations which have not notified the Placement Cell about their requirements shall be entertained by the Placement Cell.
  • The student should inform Placement Cell if they have earlier applied for the same company on their own.
  • If a company has approached the Placement Cell or is in the process of approaching the T&P for placements, no student shall approach any of these companies on their own, except through Placement team. Students should submit a soft copy of their CV along with photo to the T & P cell before the start of placements.
  • Language learning programmes to train students in developing their communication skills and foreign language skills.
  • Students are advised to keep sufficient copies of resume, passport size photos, etc ready so as to submit it as per the requirement of company. Making several copies of the resume is, therefore, desirable.

Short Listing

  • Companies may do short listing of students themselves on the basis of information supplied or the criteria set for the students to apply for respective company recruitment drive, information provided by the students in their registration profile or CVs/ Resumes.
  • In case a company insists on short listing to be done by the Institute without explicitly citing any criteria, it will be done on the basis of Criteria determined in consultation with the Director of respective school and concerned Placement Officer.

Interview Procedure

Placement official will convey the confirmed date via official email to Head of the Department, placement coordinator of respective school and to the students applying for the respective company. Thereafter no modifications shall be entertained, except under very unusual circumstances.
Company will visit the campus or invite them to their respective office (in case of off-campus drive) on the allotted date to conduct tests and/or interviews according to their recruitment process.

Students Shall-

  • Keep record of organizations and positions for which they apply.
  • Keep notes on the job details announced. These are useful at the time of interview.
  • Prepare completely for attending the various Written Tests, Group Discussions and Interviews, particularly in respect of the specific company for which they are appearing. Study the website of the company & their competitors.
  • Students shall not, at the time of interview, negotiate with the employer about salary and terms different from what is announced earlier, unless the announcement specifies that the salary is negotiable.
  • While attending interviews, students must be punctual and come in proper formal dress code only.

It is compulsory for every student who has applied for a particular company, to attend the Pre Placement Talk (PPT) of that company.

Withdrawal Procedure

Any student who has applied for a particular company can withdraw from the company after the Pre Placement Talk.
Once the selection procedure has started, students cannot withdraw at any stage, unless they have a final offer from another organization during the period of registration and interview process. It is presumed that students would apply for a position after careful consideration of all the relevant aspects.


  • Placement Cell shall aim to provide placement assistance for all graduating students. Placement is a privilege extended to the students not a right.
  • Any breach of rules specified above by any student, shall be taken up seriously by the Placement Cell who in turn will view the matter and take action against the student, as it may deem fit.
  • The Placement Cell reserves the right of modifying any or all of the above norms and/or stipulating additional norms for placement which, in its judgment and discretion, are likely to benefit the students, immediately or in the future.

Final authority in case of any dispute would be the Registrar / Director and his/her decision will be final.

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