Dean | School of Fine Arts


Honorary Doctor of Fine art & design from American east coast university on 23rd July 2023.



  • 5th 2017 Artslant Prize Showcase Entry in USA.
  • Paper published in International Journal of Management, Law & Science Studies in 2017.
  • Participated in Kalinga Literary Festival & Art Festival in 2017 (June 10th& 11th).
  • Participated in a painting exhibition, Prabasi Odia Conclave 2017 (January 6th to 8th).
  • Recognized by Art People Gallery, California, USA (https://www.artpeoplegallery.com/hyrealistic-painting-by-nihar-das/). Interviewed as a featured artist on ArtRage (New Zealand)
  • website (https://www.artrage.com/artist-feature-nihar- das/). Profiles and Articles by internationally recognized art communities, Art Exchanger, Switzerland.
  • Exhibited Diffusion in Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bengaluru in 2018 (February 7th to 11th).
  • Participated in Ganjam Art Project, GanjamAkademi of Fine Art in 2018(February 20th to 23rd).
  • Exhibited in Rhythm by RPR Gallery in 2018 (September 12th).
  • Solo Art Exhibition “Shradha” in MUIT, Noida in 2019 (January12th).
  • Participated in the exhibition “The Gandhi”, Suvadra Art Gallery in 2019(January 30th to February 14th).
  • Exhibited in Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra, Guwahati in 2019.
  • Exhibited in “Udayam”, International Art Exhibition in Janus Art Gallery, New Delhi in 2019(June 2nd to 8th).
  • Article “Nihar Das and his Art World” published in Indian Creative Mind Magazine in July 2019.
  • A Symphony of Silence Book by George A. Ellis Interviewed as n Artist (Transcendental experiences in the process of creative expression).
  • Article “Nihar Das and his Art World” published in Indian Creative Mind Magazine in March-April 2022.
  • Awarded by governor of Mumbai on 10th Sep 2022

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