Dr Syed Zafar Sultan Rizvi

Assistant Professor - Department of Psychology


Dr. Rizvi  has been working as an assistant professor , SLA , Noida International University since 2021. He has completed Phd in psychology from A.M.U. He has worked on “Academic performance as related to Procrastination, stress and anxiety among university students”. He is also actively involved in  Research papers , workshops , seminars/ conferencesInternational . He  published 07 research papers , 1 chapter in a book ,  attended 14 workshops  and 05 international conferences. He has an interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of philosophy of neuroscience , cognitive psychology , neuropsychology, Biological psychology , clinical psychology , counseling psychology , educational psychology and social psychology. He also has working knowledge in using SPSS , Mini tab and python. Recently he has published a chapter in a book “ COVID-19 : Biopsychosocial Perspectives”.


M.A, P.h.D (Social Psychology).


Conferences (05)


Workshops (14)



Chapters in Book (01).

Internship (01).


Area of Interest :- Social psychology , Cognitive psychology , Educational Psychology , and Neuropsychology.

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