Industrial Visit Report (HIGlance Laboratories) School of Pharmacy

Name of the Event: Industrial visit 2023

Venue: Hi Glance Laboratories, Surajpur, Greater Noida

Organized By: School of Pharmacy, Noida International University.


School of Pharmacy, Noida International University organized an industrial visit on 6/10/2023 for B. Pharm and D.Pharm 1st year students to Hi Glance Laboratories, Surajpur, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The objective of this industrial visit was to acquaint the students with the industrial setup and help them establish correlation between theoretical and practical knowledge. In this regard, the industrial visit of B. Pharm and D.Pharm 1st year students was conducted under supervision of Dr Sameer Rastogi, Mr. Abhishek Sharma and Mr. Raju Singh.

This visit is universally regarded as a vital component of pharmacy education and is an indicator of the extent of industry –institute interaction, which is very essential to correlate the theoretical Knowledge with Practical Knowledge and important for the growth of industry as well as for attaining excellence in technical education.

HiGlance Laboratories is an industry of well repute and students visited Manufacturing section, Quality Control section, HVAC System, Quality Assurance area, Packaging section and storage area. 

Mr. K K Chaudhary (HR) addressed the students and gave brief introduction about HiGlance Laboratories. The company was established in 2003. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Mr. Ajay Singh and Mrs. Kalawati Devi are the directors of Higlance Laboratories Private Limited. The registered office of the company is situated in New Delhi and many representative offices are established in national regions to give Feedback and fast service to our customers.

The pharmaceutical formulations plant and administrative office is located at Greater Noida, outskirts of New Delhi. A production area of 10,000 square meters with state of the art manufacturing facilities, having a production capacity of 2 billion units of tablets, 300 million units of capsules, 30 million bottles of liquid (syrups and suspensions) per annum and 150 Metric Ton pellets annually (Immediate/Controlled Release). The plant is design as per the cGMP concept and equipped with world’s ultramodern manufacturing technology & sensitive control systems ensuring adherence to strict quality norms and standards that are accepted in the pharmaceutical arena.

Hi Glance is recognized as a reliable source of High Quality and wide range of pharmaceutical formulation products that treat major disease areas: allergy, diabetes, cardiovascular, CNS, infections & infestations, musculoskeletal, gastro-intestinal, respiratory, tuberculosis, nutrition & metabolism etc. The factory has its own fully equipped laboratory with in-house testing facilities for the products and has adequate and competent staff to carry out the manufacturing operations as well as product analysis. They conduct timely self-inspection and quality audits to detect any shortcomings in the quality standards and recommend necessary corrective actions.

After this brief introduction of company, the students have been proceeded to the Warehouse section in which they have been guided about the Raw materials used to make different pharmaceutical products like syrups, tablets etc.

After that the students were proceeded to visit the Research & Development Department in which they had been guided about the research and development part of the industry i.e. how new formulations have been researched and what is the role of an R&D Department in an Industry and further the students had been moved to the Engineering Dep, manufacturing unit and QA- QC wing one by one. Mr. Amit Kumar (Deputy Engineer) explained the student about HVAC system and Purified water system of the plant. Mr. Praveen (Head of Production Dept.) told the students that the plant has facilities for manufacturing of different dosage form i.e. Tablets, Capsules, syrups. He showed each section to the students starting from granulation to the packaging section of each category of products by explaining role of each and every section separately for the manufacture of various products. Ms. Sunita Sarma (QC) guided the students to the QA-QC department of the plant and take the students to Quality Control Laboratories which are set up as per cGLP guidelines & having HPLC, GC, polarimeter, Sonicater, Digital Hardness Tester and UV instrumentation etc. 

After visit there was a vote of thanks from the faculty member of School of Pharmacy to the Plant Head and HR member of Hi Glance Laboratories for their kind hospitality and great cooperation.

 The visit provided a good gain of knowledge to the students that helped them to understand practical aspect of theory studied in their course work. The students were thankful to the management and faculties of School of Pharmacy for organizing the industrial visit that helped them to get insight into pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.


Industrial visits offer numerous benefits to Pharmacy students. Firstly, they provide practical exposure to pharmaceutical processes and technologies, bridging the gap between theory and real-world applications. Students gain insights into Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), quality control, and regulatory compliance, enhancing their understanding of drug production. Interactions with industry professionals foster networking and career opportunities. Additionally, witnessing the latest advancements in pharmaceutical research and development inspires innovation and critical thinking. Overall, industrial visits enrich students’ knowledge, skillset, and confidence, preparing them for successful careers in the pharmaceutical industry while staying updated with industry trends and practices.

School of Pharmacy, Noida International University, embarked on an enriching journey at the Industrial Visit at HI-GLANCE Laboratories, Surajpur, Greater Noida. The visit was a platform for knowledge exchange, industry insights, and inspiration, graced by esteemed guests. Here’s a snapshot of our memorable experience. 




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