Maati ki Abhivyakti workshop

Two days Terracotta Workshop “Maati ki Abhivyakti”

21st – 22nd March 2024

The School of Fine Arts and Design organized a 2 day workshop from 21st– 22nd March 2024 in the SOFAD department. This skill-based workshop was proposed to be held in offline mode. The aim of this workshop was to provide students with the fundamental knowledge of 2D & 3D Sculpture and Jewelries, 2D relief Sculpture will help them to understand different dimension and prospective to visualize the object and nature. Sculpture enhances their inner core of visualization. It will also help them to make their carrier and select best mode for their specialization. During this process student are introduced to the traditional furnace making process and clay Baking techniques.

During this workshop students advanced the ability to create, to think and to develop visual form, including an understanding of principles of visual composition. Information hierarchy, symbolic representation, aesthetical value and the construction of meaningful form.


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