Mr. Gyanendu Sharma

Assistant Professor


Ph.D*, M.Tech


Area of Specialization:

Production Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering





Total teaching Experience:     15 Years

  • Since Sep 2014 working as Assistant Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Noida International University, Noida.
  • Jan 2013 to June 2014 worked as Assistant Professor in ME department of ACEIT
  • July 2011 to Jan 2013 worked as Lecturer in SGVU, Jaipur
  • March 2008 to June 2011 worked as Lecturer in RIET, Jaipur
  • Feb 2007 to Feb 2008 worked as Lecturer in JEC, Kukas



Material science, Manufacturing.


National Publications

  1. “Review of green supply chain management in SME” presented in 1st international conference on advance trends in engineering & techonolgy (feb 2014)
  2. “simulation research of a type of pressure vessel under complex loading” presented national conference on AMITME(feb 2016) 

International Journals 

  1. “optimization of process parameters of CNC Drill machine For mild steel using tagauchi design and single to noise ration analysis”,IRJET 2016 

International Conference Publication:

  1. “Corrosive behavior of FSW on aluminum alloy: A review, IOP 2021
  2. “Mechanical Behavior of the Aluminum Alloys during Friction stirs welding process: An overview, IOP 2021


  1. Extendable Ladder, Ms. Madusmita Sahu, Mr. Gyanendu Sharma, Mr Suveer, Dr. Vivek Mishra, Design number 345757-001, 5/7/2021




  1. Seminar on development of teaching skills organized by’ NITTTR’ ,Chandigarh(5 days)
  2. Seminar on Advance trends in I C Engines organized by ‘NITTTR’ ,Chandigarh(5 days)
  3. International conference in advance trends in engineering and technology organized by ACEIT, Jaipur
  4. Certified in GIAN course Sponsored by MHRD at IIT ropar from 16 may 2016 to 20 may 2016 of “Applied Fatigue and fracture mechanics “ coordinated by Dr Dhiraj K Mahajan, Instructor Dr Richard pettit
  5. Participated in GIAN course sponsored by MHRD at IIT madras from 1  june 2016 to 14 june 2016 of “ Advanced steels for the automotive industry and other sector” coordinated by Prof Dr B S murty & Prof V S sarma and Instructor Dr Peter D hodgeson
  6. Participated in GIAN course sponsored by MHRD by IIT madras from 13 june 2016 to 19 june 2016 of “ Mechanics & modeling Of soft materials” Coordinated by Prof Dr M S Sivakumar course faculty Dr Arun N srinivasa
  7. Participated in GIAN Course Sponsored by MHRD at IISc Banglore from 27 june to 8th july 2106 of “Process metallurgy for 2016 and beyond” coordinated by S. Subramanian,Prof. T.A. Abinandanan (from IISc) and Prof. N.N. Viswanathan (from IIT-B) are the course coordinators lead by Prof Dr Sheshadri Seetharaman
  8. Participation in “A Two days Hands On Workshop on Advances ain shielded Metal Arc Welding Technology and consumable development” at Cairn Centre of Excellence , Jodhpur from Nov 19-20th ,2016
  9. FDP participation organized by CETPA on solidworks & Ansys help on 21st Sep 2016

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