Assistant Professor,MRIT

Dedicated and passionate Assistant Professor committed to advancing education and research in the academic community. wealth of expertise and a deep passion for imparting knowledge and fostering academic growth. prioritizing a positive learning environment where students can thrive and explore their potential. Efficiently managing, balancing teaching, research, and administrative responsibilities, consistently meeting deadlines and maintaining productivity.

School Name

School Of Allied Health Sciences

Department Name

Radiology & Imaging Technology


Assistant Professor


1 year


Masters in Radio Imaging Technology

Area of Interest

Research, Advancements in my field and teaching

Skill sets & Expertise

Event Management, Cultural Activities, Marketing

Research and Publications (if any)

1.Book Chapter “Dexa Scan Evaluation Of Pediatric Sick Patients.

2.Review paper”Role of Computed Tomography in the Detection of Abdominal Cancer(ijrt12306082)”

3.Review paper”Role of Allied Health Care professionals in Disease Management (ijrt12306134)”

4.Handbook” Recent Advancement in Radiology ”

5.Evolution of AI in Mammography.

6.Role of AI in Radiology.

Awards and Recognitions (if any)

Delivered a lecture(Guest Speaker) on “CT CONTRAST &PATIENT HANDLING”

Memberships (if any)

Certifications (if any)

Certificates of Co curriculum & Acedemics

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