Ms. Ritika Rai

I am Dedicated and Reliable Healthcare Professional working as Assistant Professor in Noida International University Since 2nd January 2023. I have 1-year Academic Experience and 1-year Clinical Experience. I have done my M.Sc. in Radio-Imaging Technology from SGT University. I have attended Various CME and conferences. .


Ms. Ritika Rai

School Name

School of Allied Health Sciences

Department Name

Radiology and Imaging Technology


Assistant Professor


1 year

Qualification In Radio-Imaging Technology

Area of Interest

Radiology, Research, Teaching & Training

Skill sets & Expertise

Ability to work under Pressure, Have good management quality and Teamwork skills, good communication skills and practical Skills.

Research and Publications (if any)

1. Published an article on the topic ‘A Cross-Sectional Study on Evaluation Of Diagnostic Applications Of Linear Sonographic Transducer In Various Diseases’ ISSN No.2208-2670.

2. Published a Book Chapter in Book Titled ‘A Handbook of Recent Advancement in Radiology’ ISBN No. 978-81-19753-04-8

Awards and Recognitions (if any)

1. Appreciated for the contribution towards student welfare as a Student welfare Faculty in Vivekananda Global University.

2. Presented a topic as a guest speaker on “Prevention of Radiation Hazards & Bio-medical waste management in medical practice”

Memberships (if any)

Certifications (if any)

1. Attended faculty development program on “Cross Currents in Higher Education” from 22nd July to 25th July 2023.

2. Attended Curriculum Conclave on “Implementation of NEP 2020” in Vivekananda Global University on 27-28th May 2023.

3. Attended Research Conclave “Shodh Prayas” in Vivekananda Global University on 10-11th May 2023.

4. Attended Faculty Induction Program in Vivekananda Global University from 30th Jan 2023- 4th Feb 2023.

5. Attended and Managed Various Conferences and CME.

Link to personal website/Blog

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