Noida International University organized associate partner’s meet; acknowledges them for their contribution

Aligarh, 26 May 2022: Intending to upskill the partners about their new curriculum that will make the students more industry-ready, India’s leading education institute Noida International University (NIU) today organized an associate partner’s meeting here. The event was conducted to share the institute’s mission for the upcoming years.

The active contribution of our associate partners and media personnel was also acknowledged at the event. The Associate Partners are leaders or influencers in the education industry and are responsible for ensuring a sustainable pool of new talent relationships by providing their products and services.

The other objective of the meeting was to make the associate partners feel that they are very much a part of the NIU and their growth is an integral part of the institute’s progress.

“Our strategy is to improve the working system with our associate partners. We aim to empower our channel partners with more opportunities to grow with us and build a robust customer base across the country. This event was just a medium to express our gratitude for the exemplary work done by them. We don’t consider our partners a separate entity. They are very much a part of our NIU family. Whatever we have achieved today is because of their hard work and planning.” said Mr Akash Sharma, Director Admissions & Outreach, Noida International University.


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