One day Visit to NGMA-School of Fine Arts Students

School of Fine Arts Visited to NGMA (National Gallery of Modern Art), New Delhi

on 8th March 2022, Tuesday

One day educational tour to NGMA was conducted for the students of School of Fine Arts on 8th March 2022, Tuesday. 52 students along with the 3 faculty members visited the National Gallery of Modern Art and had a chance to look at the vast collection of artists’ work. The Educational tours are a necessary part of learning in the field of Fine Arts. It enriches the senses, sensibility and intellect for growth in this creative Field for The students BFA MFA Painting, BFA Foundation BFA Applied art.

Curator of the gallery Argha Kamal Ganguly gave an informative walkthrough to our students explaining the art works of many artists from different time zones who worked with different mediums and styles. He mentioned the role of our senses in understanding the art, and talked about the relevance of content along with the skill in the painting. By comparing the theater practice with the visual arts he tried to explain to students how the language makes the difference.

Students had time for quick sketching which was later reviewed by the Director General of NGMA, Mr. Adwaita Gadanayak . The students enjoyed and enriched their senses and sensibility through this tour.


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