Report of Clay modelling woekshop

REPORT  Five days Clay Modeling Workshop on ‘2D and 3D Understanding’

6th – 10th November 2023, Monday – Friday

The School of Fine Arts organized a 5 days long workshop from 9th – 13th October 2023 in the SFA department. This skill-based workshop was proposed to be held in offline mode. The aim of this workshop was to provide students with the fundamental knowledge of 2D & 3D Sculpture. Sculpture will help them to understand different dimension and prospective to visualize the object and nature. Sculpture enhances their inner core of visualization. It will also help them to make their carrier and select best mode for their specialization,

During this workshop students advance the ability to create, to think and to develop visual form, including an understanding of principles of visual composition. Information hierarchy, symbolic representation, aesthetical value and the construction of meaningful form.

This workshop prepared students for specialization selection like future in Sculpture an artist life, around 55 students attended this workshop.

The session was conducted by the internal expert Mr. Nitesh Kumar Kushawaha, Assistant Professor. Faculty coordinators for this workshop was Dr. Nihar Das and Ms. Ritika Mittal. All BFA – foundation students participated in this workshop for the part of learning Sculpture.

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