Report of Portrait Demonstartion

Live Portrait and Sketching demonstration by International Artist Cai Qing from Germany

18th August 2023, Friday

School of Fine Arts invited International Artist Cai Qing from Germany for the Demonstration of Portrait and Sketching in Charcoal. Event has been scheduled on 18th August 2023, Friday in the School of Fine Arts Painting department.

About the Artist – Cai Qing was born in China and currently a German citizen, is an artist, curator and art critic who is active in the field of contemporary art and performance art. He is a PhD holder and done in-depth research in the field of art. He is also involved in education at fine-art academies, leading workshops and teaching courses in contemporary art.

In the One – Day Advance Learning event, students get to learn about the new way of using charcoal as a medium. Student develop the sense of observation by capturing the character of the person in the sketching. Cai Qing taught our students different ways of drawing expressive lines, which help them to use lines expressively.

This event was very helpful for the students of School of fine arts, visit of International artist and Interaction on the minute details of Portrait motivates our students to do good in their career.

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