Suicide Prevention event Report

Date: 27-September-2023

Time:1 PM onwards

Venue: Seminar Hall, School of Nursing (NIU)

Total No. of participants: 120

“Creating Hope Through Action”

Suicide is a major public health problem with far-reaching social, emotional and economic consequences.

It is estimated that there are currently more than 7,00 000 suicides per year worldwide, and we know that each suicide profoundly affects many more people.

“Creating Hope Through Action” is the triennial theme for the World Suicide Prevention Day from 2021-2023. This theme serves as a powerful call to action and reminder that there is an alternative to suicide and that through our actions we can encourage hope and strengthen prevention.

By creating hope through action, we can signal to people experiencing suicidal thoughts that there is hope and that we care and want to support them. It also suggests that our actions, no matter how big or small, may provide hope to those who are struggling.

Lastly, it serves as a reminder that suicide prevention is a public health priority and urgent action is required to make sure suicide mortality rates are reduced. WHO will continue to work with its partners to support countries to take concrete measures in this direction.

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) was established in 2003 by the International Association for Suicide Prevention in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO). The 10 September each year aims to focus attention on the issue, reduces stigma and raises awareness among organizations,

A Expert talk on “WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY” was conducted on 27 th SEP 2023 by School of Nursing, Noida International University.

The Patron for the workshop was Prof. (Dr.) Uma Bhardwaj, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, NIU. She is a leader in higher education with the vision, conviction, appreciation, knowledge, and work ethic of great education.

The Patron for the workshop was Prof. (Dr.) Parsanjeet Kumar, Hon’ble Pro Vice Chancellor, NIU. He is an educationist and an efficient academic leader with a keen focus on Research and publication development.

Prof. (Dr.) Dipak Sethi Director School of Nursing, as the Convenor welcomed the dignitaries and encouraged all the participants.The Guest Speaker for the Expert Talk was Prof. Dr. Neetu Bhadouria Principal Cum Professor CON,GIMS. She discussed her extensive expertise, depth of knowledge, and opinions on the subject. All of the attendees found the hour-long seminar to be very interesting and compelling. For the expert talk, more than 120-130 people attended, including Respected Dean Sir, faculty members, and University students. The gathering was a huge success, and everyone valued the chance to learn. Participants have provided extremely positive feedback.

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