Talk show: “Should prostitution be legalised in India?”

On march 23rd, the school of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) of Noida International University (NIU) have organised a weekly departmental event ie.  talk show on topic “should prostitution be legalised in india or not?” in the display room,SJMC, Academic Block.

The talk show started at 2 p.m. with the participation of students of SJMC in enthusiastic way with their opinions on the pros and cons of prostitution in India. Students discuss some of the major topics that are related to prostitution in india, like some students seems to be supporting the legalisation of prostitution with the valid reasons, legalization of prostitution would protect the rights of sex workers and give these people a chance to live a normal life which they deserve but of course, it would only be a lot better if the government will legalize prostitution because it will give the sex workers rights and protection on their job.

Some other participants have gone in disagreement of legalisation of prostitution in india with some valid reasons like Prostitution is something where one person indulges in sexual activity for money or other different monetary assets. Immoral Traffic Prevention Act says that prostitution is nothing but sexual misuse of a person for commercial purposes. They might get involved in sexual activities like heterosexual or homosexual activities.

At the end event Convenor Dr. Rajni Yadav (Assistant professor, SJMC) addresses the students and encourages them to become a part of the talk show.


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