The Art of Character Construction in Storytelling

Noida International University, The School of Journalism and Mass Communication  organized a film workshop on 25th April 2024, titled “The Art of Character Construction in Storytelling,” featuring “Sharad Chandra Upadhya, an Assistant Director at Prakash Jha Production,”  as the resource person.
The workshop focused on providing insights into character development in films, covering scriptwriting, character development, acting skills, and camera techniques.
Students enthusiastically engaged in interactive sessions, benefiting from Upadhya’s expertise and industry experience. Attendees, including students from BAJMC and MAJMC programs,
found the workshop valuable in enhancing their understanding of acting and filmmaking skills essential for aspiring professionals. Upadhya’s guidance and mentorship inspired students to pursue their filmmaking aspirations, fostering a dynamic learning environment that encouraged exploration and skill refinement in the field of filmmaking.

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