Tree Plantation Drive


School of Liberal Arts


Event Date – 3rd June, 2022                                                           

Time: 4:00PM-4:30 PM

Organised byGreen and Blue- Eco Club, School of Liberal Arts (SLA), Noida International University.

Name of the Event– Tree Plantation Drive

Venue: Near Cafeteria, NIU

Short Description of the Event:

In order to sensitize students towards the need to preserve our environment and ecology, Tree plantation drive was organised by the Green and Blue-Eco club of School of Liberal Arts. This was the first event of eco club and the main purpose of this event was to teach students, how we can save our climate from pollution.

Total number of Participants: 25

Dignitaries Details:

S. no.



Email id

Mobile Number


Dr. Aparna Sharma

Director, School of Liberal Arts, NIU


Dr. Neelam Rana

Head of Department, School of Liberal Arts, NIU


Student Attendees Details:

All the students of Geography Department, SLA who are members of Green and Blue- Eco club participated in the Tree Plantation Drive.

Process Followed:

Students and Faculty members of SLA were asked to reach by 4:00 PM for the tree plantation near Cafeteria, NIU.

The plantation drive started with the planting of sapling by Director ma’am. After that the Faculty members and Eco club members started planting trees in two horizontal lines.

Also, some university’s horticulture workers helped us in planting and watering the saplings properly.

A range of 40 numerous plants were planted in the university campus to create an awareness about saving trees.

The main purpose of this event was to:

  • To motivate the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees.
  • To imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation, source separation of waste and disposing the waste to the nearest storage point.
  • Mobilise action against environmentally unsound practices like garbage disposal in unauthorised places, unsafe disposal of hospital wastes etc.

As soon we completed our goal of tree plantation, the event ended with a smile on everyone’s face. Overall, this was an amazing event for all.

Feedback from Students:

All the students who came for the tree plantation expressed that such events should be organized at regular intervals to create a very healthy environment and contribute in minimizing the climatic changes. All felt inner peace by doing something good for the environment.

Faculty Coordinator:

  1. Mr. Moin Khan
  2. Mr. Deepak Kataria

Student Coordinators:

  1. Treasurer: Vikash Kumar
  2. Media person: Gungun


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