To take a walk down the corridors of nostalgia, the first Alumni Meet was held for the first time in SOE in Noida International University on 23rd Sep 2017 in the seminar hall. All alumni were invited to attend the Alumni Meet through Invitation letters/ message/ emails and personal calls. Registration of alumni was done on the day of the event.

Dr. Pooja Gupta, Alumni Coordinator welcomed all the guests and the alumni in the campus and appreciated their zeal to assemble here despite the inclement weather. The meet started traditionally with the lighting of lamp by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor ma’am and was followed by the dance on saraswati vandana. It was followed with the addresses / speeches of VC ma’am, Prof (Dr.) Kumkum Deewan, Head of Department- Dr. Meena Bhandari and Head of Alumni Association-  Dr. Mohd. Muazzam. Speaking on the occasion, the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor ma’am underlined and praised the achievements of Alumni of NIU in all walks/spheres of life. She expressed that it was a matter of great pride for NIU that its Alumni are holding positions of responsibility in various Government organizations, Private sector, Academic Institutions. She also shared her experiences as an Alumni and gave her blessings to all Alumni and emphasized the need for further strengthening the linkage between the Alumni and NIU and current batch  of students. Dr. Meena Bhandari and  Dr. Mohd. Mauzim also shared their views with Alumni during the course of the event.


The occasion was graced by Alumni ranging across various batches  from various parts of the country. The Alumni Coordinator, Dr. Pooja Gupta  highlighted the achievements of NIU and SOE Department through a brief PPT and invited  Alumni  for their participation. Various cultural programs performed by students made the day vibrant and colourful. Great bonhomie was observed everywhere with old students reliving their old memories with their batch mates, seniors and juniors. Many of the current students also got the opportunity to interact with their passed out seniors and learnt from their experiences. In all, the ambience was electric with people seen chatting , dancing in groups and clicking photographs with props. It was decided to strengthen the link between the current NIU students and alumni for their support to current students in the area of training, placement, career counseling and other suppprts.


Dr. Meena Bhandari , Head School of Education, formally announced the formation of Alumni Association. She also outlined many future activities to be taken up by the Association. The vote of the thanks was given by Dr. Pooja Gupta,  the Alumni Coordinator. After providing refreshment, mementos were distributed to all Alumni to keep their memories live. The event concluded on a graceful note.


Last but not the least, we all missed the presence of our  Hon’ble Chairman, Dr. Devesh Singh and Hon’ble Pro Vice Chancellor sir Dr. Vikram Singh who could not be available to grace the occasion due to personal exigencies which were unavoidable  Nevertheless,  we all thank both of you for your encouragement and support in conducting this activitiy in  SOE and would look forward to your support always.


Best Regards,

Dr.Pooja Gupta

Alumni Coordinator



The school of Education endows quality education and inculcates discipline and dedication in our prospective teachers to lift the responsibilities of the future nation. The Department of Education, Noida International University was started in 2014 with an objective to bring out effective and efficient School teachers besides ensuring quality and need based researches in the field of Education. The school focuses on a comprehensive learning experience, lifelong learning and developing professionals grounded in best practice.
The aim is not only focused on imparting subject knowledge and skills, but also to mould the students with better conduct and character committed to the societal needs and national development. The faculty creates a positive and caring environment for student development and learning. A variety of teaching methods and materials are employed, utilizing media and technology to the maximum. The faculty also plan informative sessions that involve individual development and teamwork.
The School of Education is intended to develop a cadre of professionally qualified teacher educators and teachers to meet the need and challenges of the Knowledge Society across the globe preparing tomorrow’s professionals for challenging and rewarding careers.

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Note: Admissions will be done on the basis of NIUSET and State Entrance Examination.
*An additional INR 1000 to be paid per semester as per Activity Fee
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Prof. Dr. Meena Bhandari


 Ph.D(Education) from RCE Ajmer,M.Phil (Education),M.Ed(Education),M.A(English), B.Ed(English),B.A(English)

Faculty Name Qualification
Dr. Pooja Gupta Ph.D (Education)M.Ed,B.Ed,M.Sc
Dr. Nishi Tyagi Ph.D(Education),M.Ed,B.Ed,M.A,B.A