School of Engineering and Technology, Noida International University Organised “Understanding the Mechanism of Protein Folding and Its Contribution toward the Complexity of Disease” on 29th November 2023

I am delighted to present a detailed report on the insightful event, “Understanding the Mechanism of Protein Folding and Its Contribution toward the Complexity of Disease,” organised by “Techrise Visionaries” Technical club of the School of Engineering and Technology at Noida International University.

Event Overview:

The webinar, held at the Seminar Hall of the Administration Block, commenced with a student gathering at 10:45 AM, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and curiosity. The agenda aimed to explore the intricate world of protein folding and its implications on the complexity of diseases.


  • 10:45 AM – 11:00 AM: Students Gathering at Seminar Hall
  • 11:00 AM – 11:05 AM: Welcome of Dignitaries and Faculty Members
  • 11:05 AM – 11:10 AM: Addressing of Role by Director of SET
  • 11:10 AM – 11:15 AM: Welcoming Note by HOD of Biotech
  • 11:15 AM – 11:17 AM: Inviting the Speaker Dr. Sarita Puri
  • 11:17 AM – 1:00 PM: Session Begins
  • 1:00 PM – 1:05 PM: Vote of Thanks by Senior Faculty of Biotech Dr. Varun

Session Details:

The session, scheduled from 11:15 AM to 1:00 PM, marked a significant period of exploration into the complex world of protein folding and its profound implications on the intricacies of diseases.

11:15 AM – 11:17 AM: Introduction and Invitation:

  • The session commenced with a formal introduction, setting the stage for the exploration of protein folding.
  • Attendees were welcomed, and the significance of the topic was highlighted to create anticipation among the audience.
  • A brief overview of the agenda and the expertise of the distinguished speaker was provided, generating interest and engagement.

11:17 AM Onwards: Dr. SARITA PURI’s Presentation:

  • The audience was then introduced to the speaker of the webinar Dr. Sarita Puri, an expert in the field of protein folding and its correlation with disease complexity.
  • Sarita Puri delved into the intricacies of protein folding, providing a comprehensive understanding of the molecular processes involved.
  • Visual aids, case studies, and real-world examples were employed to enhance the clarity of the complex subject matter.

Recognition and Appreciation:

At the culmination of the event, Token of appreciation was presented to Dr. Sarita Puri, acknowledging her valuable insights, and a vote of thanks was extended by Senior Faculty of Bio-Tech, Dr. Varun.

🏫 Noida International University Authorities’ Contribution to the Event:

The success of the event was greatly attributed to the unwavering support and guidance provided by the distinguished university authorities. Each of them played a pivotal role in setting the tone for academic excellence and innovation.

  • Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh (Chairman):
    • Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh, as the Chairman of Noida International University, provided strategic guidance, ensuring the alignment of the university’s vision with the objectives of the event.
    • His leadership created an environment that encouraged excellence and innovation throughout the event.
  • Dr. Vikram Singh (Chancellor):
    • In his role as the Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Vikram Singh brought a wealth of experience and a global perspective to the event.
    • His support and vision contributed significantly to creating an atmosphere that fosters learning, collaboration, and the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Dr. Uma Bhardwaj (Vice-Chancellor):
    • As the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Uma Bhardwaj played a crucial role in overseeing the academic aspects of the event.
    • Her expertise in academic affairs ensured that the event aligned seamlessly with the university’s commitment to providing high-quality education.
  • Dr. Parsanjeet Kumar (Pro Vice-Chancellor):
    • Dr. Parsanjeet Kumar, in his role as the Pro Vice-Chancellor, contributed to the event by providing a strategic and administrative perspective.
    • His responsibilities included ensuring smooth coordination and execution of various aspects of the event.
  • Dr. Anand Kr. Shukla (Director, School of Engineering & Technology):
    • As the Director of the School of Engineering & Technology, Prof. Dr. Anand Kr. Shukla played a pivotal role in shaping the technical aspects of the event.
    • His extensive knowledge in engineering and technology enhanced the academic dimensions and ensured the practical applicability of the event’s content.

Together, these authorities, led by Prof. Dr. Anand Kr. Shukla‘s technical prowess brought a rich blend of leadership, academic excellence, and industry knowledge to make the event a comprehensive and enriching experience for all participants.

Session Highlights:

The session, led by the esteemed speaker, Dr. Sarita Puri, unfolded as a captivating exploration into the intricate realm of protein folding and its pivotal role in the complexity of diseases. Dr. Puri’s presentation, spanning from 11:17 AM to 1:00 PM, encapsulated several key highlights:

  1. Mechanism of Protein Folding
  2. Contribution to Disease Complexity
  3. Research and Innovations
  4. Interactive Q&A Session
  5. Expertise and Communication

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate Understanding:

Participants will be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms involved in protein folding, as explained during the webinar.

  • Evaluate Disease Complexity:

Attendees will gain the ability to critically analyse and assess the contribution of protein folding mechanisms to the complexity of various diseases, enhancing their knowledge of disease aetiology.

  • Apply Knowledge to Research:

Participants will acquire the skills to apply the knowledge gained from the webinar to their research endeavours, fostering a deeper understanding of the link between protein folding and disease complexity.

  • Explore Innovative Approaches:

Attendees will be encouraged to explore and incorporate innovative approaches discussed in the webinar into their research methodologies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation in their scientific pursuits.

Q&A session:

During the engaging Q&A session of the webinar, students exhibited a diverse range of interests, intertwining the scientific focus on protein folding with broader concerns about studying abroad and pursuing a Ph.D. in Italy.

Questions emerged on the feasibility of studying protein folding mechanisms abroad, with a specific emphasis on the potential for pursuing a Ph.D. in Italy. The speaker adeptly addressed queries related to the academic landscape, research opportunities, and career pathways in Italy, offering valuable insights for aspiring researchers.

As the discussion unfolded, participants explored the synergies between gaining expertise in protein folding and the international scope of scientific research. The Q&A session thus not only enriched attendees’ understanding of the webinar’s core topics but also provided valuable guidance for those contemplating academic journeys abroad, fostering a holistic approach to scientific and career development.


A diverse group of participants enriched the event, including students from various engineering disciplines, faculty members, industry professionals, and members of the TechRise Visionaries Club. The varied backgrounds created a vibrant atmosphere for learning and networking.


The event concluded on a positive note, leaving participants with a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between protein folding and disease complexity. The engagement of students, support from faculty, and insights from the speaker made this event a valuable learning experience.


The event concluded on a positive note, leaving participants with a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between protein folding and disease complexity. The engagement of students, support from faculty, and insights from the speaker made this event a valuable learning experience.

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