Ecology and Environmental Art Practices-CONNECTED CONNECTEDNESS

Workshop and presentation

Wednesday, 21 September, 2022
11:30 am -4:30 pm

 School of Fine Arts, Noida International University organised a workshop and presentation on CONNECTED CONNECTEDNESS (Ecology and Environmental Art Practices) in the Seminar Hall, 1st floor, Admin Block in collaboration with Gallery Onkaf, New Delhi. The school invited eminent artist Anke Mellin from Hamburg, Germany. Her works comprises Land Art, Installations, Interventions, Photography and Performances based on the idea of Environmental issues.

This event was to Interaction of students with a German artist related to her art practices, awareness about the environmental issues and disagreements and Learn about Land Art, Installations, Interventions, Photography and Performances as the medium of art which is going to assist them in making the smoothest transition possible, awareness and motivation for the students for best academic opportunity and personal growth. The event started with the introduction of delegates, lighting of the lamp, speeches delivered by the Prof. (Dr.) Uma Bhardwaj, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, NIU, Prof. (Dr.) Parsanjeet Kumar (Hon’ble Pro Vice chancellor, NIU) and guided the students of Fine Art need to be connected with such types of events like the contemporary art exhibition, art studio practices as it helps them to be more progressive and to incorporate new thoughts, at the same time Anke Mellin also gave a presentation on CONNECTED CONNECTEDNESS (Ecology and Environmental Art Practices) in the contemporary with some questions and discussion by the students. The students can understand extensively through such face to face interaction with artists, it helps them to increase their sense of new materials that are being used by different artists in their art practice at this time.

The event was carried out by  M. Meghana BFA student, Ms. Neah Jangra, Assistant Professor and Ms. Ritika Mittal,  Assistant Professor, and 40 students of School of Fine Arts, 15 students of School of Architecture & design, 20 students of School of Science participated in the event.

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