“Empowering Students For Exit Exams And Development Of Soft Skills”

Name of the Event: Session on “Empowering Students For Exit Exams and Development Of Soft Skills ”.

Organized By: School of Pharmacy, Noida International University.

DATE OF THE ACTIVITY: 07th March 2024

RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Pratyush Swarnkar (Eminent Speaker, GPAT Discussion Centre Pvt. Ltd).


To Equip participants with a systematic approach towards their Upcoming Exit Exams. The event will delve into problem analysis, strategies for effective problem-solving, and the presentation of viable solutions.

To Explore the problems of students and providing them different strategies to deal with their current learning process as well as for the Exit Exam.

To Illuminate the value of studying and the value of Exit Exam among the students. So that they could easily deal with it by a systematic approach.

To Embark the importance of Exit Exams for the D.pharm students and providing them strategies which will help them to qualify the Exit Exam very easily.

To provide information about the Exit Exams to the D.pharm students about the GPAT exams for the B.pharm students


Noida International University, School of Pharmacy organized a Online Webinar on Empowering Students For Exit Exams And Development Of Soft Skills on 07 March 2024 in collaboration with the Institution Innovation Council under the supervision of Dr.Sameer Rastogi, Dean/Principal School of Pharmacy and Mr. Hemant Kumar (Assistant Professor, SOP) and Mr. Raju singh (Assistant Professor, SOP) with guest speaker Mr. Pratyush Swarnkar (Eminent Speaker, GPAT Discussion Centre Pvt. Ltd).

This Webinar is not just an event; it will help the students to set a Road Map for their Exit exams as well as upcoming exams. The Exit Exam will deal with the students Assessment of Competency, Standardization, Quality Assurance, Credentialing, Professional Development and Public Safety.

The main reason for the Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination (DPEE) is to ensure that the students applying for registration as a Pharmacist with the State Pharmacy Council have undergone pharmacy education.

After attending this Webinar the students will be able to set a road map towards Exit Exam and they will know the methods and strategies to deal with each and every individual subjects essential for the Exit exam.


Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the Exit Exam and about the No. of subjects essential for the exit exams point of view.

The outcome of this Webinar deals with the Assessment of Competency, Credentialing, Quality Assurance, Identification of Areas for Improvement, Benchmarking, Career Opportunities and Continuing Education.

Attendees will get the ideas and strategies for solving the questions w.r.t. exit exams. The attendees will also came to know about the crendentials of different subjects as per the exit exam point of view.

Attendees will go through a online test series which will help them to solve the problems and the whoever gets the First, second and Third position as well they will bne rewarded by E-books, Study materials and MCQ question banks.

Vote of Thanks

Dr. Sameer Rastogi, Dean SoP, NIU along with jury motivated and praised students and faculty of the pharmacy department for their efforts and support in smooth conduction of the events.

Ms. Priti Tiwari along with the whole team grateful for the support during the conduction of above said activities.

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