History of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Trends in India

Name of the Event: GUEST TALK on “History of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Trends in India”

TOPIC: “History of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Trends in India”

Venue: School of Pharmacy, Noida International University, Greater Noida

Organized By: School of Pharmacy, Noida International University.


School of Pharmacy, Noida International University organized the Guest Talk by Mr. Amitabh Ranjan (Senior Manager, HEOR, TCS Noida) on the topic of “History of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Trends in India” in National Pharmacy Education Day on 06/03/2024 for B. Pharm and D. Pharm in the Campus.

The objective of the Guest Talk on “History of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Trends in India” provided a comprehensive overview of the evolution of pharmaceutical sciences and the current trends shaping the industry within the Indian context. The talk aimed to enlighten attendees about the rich heritage of pharmaceutical science while highlighting the contemporary advancements and challenges.

Session Highlights:

  1. Historical Evolution: The presentation commenced with a journey through the history of pharmaceutical sciences, tracing its roots from ancient civilization to the modern era. Attendees learned about the contribution of ancient Indian texts such as Ayurveda and the significance of medicinal plants in traditional Indian medicine.
  2. Current Trends: The talk delved into contemporary trends shaping the pharmaceutical industry in India , including advancement in biotechnology , personalized medicine and the growth emphasis on herbal and natural remedies. Attendees were apprised of the increasing focus on innovation, regulatory reforms, and global collaborations driving the sector forward.
  3. Challenges and Opportunities: The presentation addressed the challenges faced by Indian pharmaceutical industry, ranging from regulatory complexities to the need for skilled workforce development. However, it also highlighted the abundant opportunities presented by demographic shifts, increasing healthcare expenditure and the burgeoning demand for affordable and quality healthcare solution .


In conclusion, the Guest Talk by Mr. Amitabh Ranjan provided a profound insight into the historical evolution and contemporary trends of pharmaceutical sciences in India. Attendees gained a deep understanding of the rich heritage of traditional Indian medicine and the dynamic landscape of the modern pharmaceutical industry. Despite the challenges posed by regulatory complexities and workforce development, the presentation emphasized the abundant opportunities driven by innovation, global collaborations, and rising healthcare demands. This enlightening session not only celebrated the legacy of pharmaceutical sciences but also inspired the next generation to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of healthcare solutions in India.

Vote of Thanks

Dr. Sameer Rastogi, Dean SoP, NIU along with jury motivated and praised students and faculty of the pharmacy department for their efforts and support in smooth conduction of the events.

Ms. Priti Tiwari along with the whole team grateful for the support during the conduction of above said activities.

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