Holi Celebration at NIU

Holi is a vibrant festival celebrated with great enthusiasm in India. It is a festival of colors and signifies the victory of good over evil. On 3rd March 2023, the students of Noida International University came together to celebrate Holi in a grand manner.

The celebration began with the students gathering in the university courtyard, where they were welcomed with colorful decorations and lively music. The students were dressed in traditional attire, and they eagerly waited for the festivities to begin.

The organizers had arranged for various activities to keep the students engaged. The celebrations also included several cultural performances, where students showcased their talent in singing, dancing, and Nukkad Natak. The performances added a touch of cultural diversity to the festivities and helped the students understand the significance of Holi in different parts of India.
Overall, the Holi celebration at Noida International University was a huge success. It brought together students from different backgrounds and cultures and gave them a chance to celebrate and appreciate each other’s traditions.


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