Department of Agriculture planned an industrial visit to provide an exposure to the students (Semester V th) at the Mother Dairy Plant at Parparganj, accompanied by faculty member-Dr. Shailesh Solanki. The students assembled at NIU gate no.1 in the morning and departed for the visit at around 9:50 AM. The fundamental objective of the visit was to make the students aware of the mechanized milk production process. The visit began with the screening of a short film and presentation providing a deep insight into the journey of the venture and its establishment into a successful company.

“Factory Operations Manager gave a presentation related to the history of Mother Dairy Plant. He told students about the white revolution and primitive and newer modes of milk collection and distribution. He also told about the actual milk processing capacity of the plant with the significance of the steps in processing. Further, a small documentary film of Mother Dairy Plant was shown, which depicted the process of milk production”

The visit gave knowledge about how Mother Dairy was established as a cooperative unit collecting milk from farmers in rural areas and marketing it in urban areas. Students were taken through the production facility including the quality check of milk samples in the quality control department, pasteurization process, packaging and storage, until the products are sent out for delivery. The students very actively walked through the plant with the officials who explained the whole process of manufacturing and packaging of products. Students were taken through the wide range of products that are manufactured in the plant, including milk, curd, and paneer. The salient feature of the plant was the Waste Water Management initiative in which water used in the production process is filtered and let out in open areas for plants. Students felt a sense of pride to learn about the indigenous, local brand which is working with international standards today.

The students also came to know about the vision, mission & significant competitive advantage which the company derives from the unique distribution network of bulk vending milk booths, retail outlets and mobile units. The students had an overall good experience with in-depth learning.


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