NGMA Report

REPORT- Visit to National gallery of modern art (NGMA)

29th November 2023, Wednesday

10:00am – 03:00 pm

School of Fine Arts, organised a Gallery and Museum visit for the Foundation and Masters first year students on 29th November 2023, Wednesday.

In this one-day Programme we have visited National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi. In the gallery space our students visualise Indian Ancient Sculptures from 1st century to till Contemporary Art, students also saw about the technique in oil and acrylic along with the use of colours in negative and positive ways. NGMA guide explain them about the master’s work and their contributions such as Ramkinkar Baij, D.P. Roy Chaudhary and many more.

In the NGMA, students saw the work of Jatin Das famous contemporary artist, his works from 1963-2023 has been displayed in the exhibition. Student learn about the various mediums of expression like- different medium of sculpture, photography, video, painting, installation etc. students felt very much excited when they saw the work of Subodh Gupta, D.P Roy Chaudhary huge sculptures. Outside of the NGMA building there were so many masters and awarded sculptures were displayed students also got information and feel different mediums and how a sculpture should be.

Total 89 students from BFA & MFA accompanied in this visit along with the four faculty members Ms. Neha Jangra, Ms. Anjali Sharma, Mr. Nitesh Kumar Kushwaha and Vinay Patel.

This One – day visits helped our students to discover their own path in the journey of art.

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