ONKAF and KNMA visit

REPORT- Museum & Gallery Visit

Gallery ONKAF and Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA)

27th November 2023, Tuesday

10:0am -12:30pm

School of Fine Arts, organised a Gallery and Museum visit for the Painting students on 27th November 2023, Tuesday.

In this one-day Programme we have visited Gallery ONKAF and Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Delhi. In the gallery space our students interacted with the Italian artist PRISCA BACCAILLE, they learn about her technique in oil and acrylic along with the use of colours in negative and positive ways. Prisca saw the works of some students and appreciated their talent and guided them individually for the further growth.

In the KNMA museum, students attended a walkthrough and get a chance to know about the works of Contemporary artists displayed in the group show MIRROR / MAZE. Student learn about the various mediums of expression like- performance, photography, video, illusion, sound, interactive installation etc. This visit excites students as it was full of experiential learning along with the conceptual and informative knowledge.

18 students of BFA and MFA Painting accompanied in this visit along with the two faculty members Ms. Deeksha and Ms. Ritika Mittal.

This One – day visits helped our students to discover their own path in the journey of art.

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