NIU signs three memoranda of understanding (MoU) with three Indonesian Universities!

Noida, August 10, 2022: Leading educational institute Noida International University today signed three memoranda of understanding (MoU) with three Indonesian Universities — Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Banten, Indonesia; Physiotherapy School of Academy, YAB and Politeknik Aisyiyah Pontianak to upskill the medical students and faculty members of both the countries. The MoU will benefit both organizations in recognizing their mutual interest in the fields of research, innovation, academic collaboration, exchange programs, joint publications, conferences, workshops, webinars, guest lectures, short-term programs, partnership programs, and internship and training.

The signed MoU with Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa will facilitate medical study programs and the medical profession studies; nutrition study program; diploma nursing study, bachelor of nursing and nursing profession study, and sports science study.

Whereas, the signed MoU with Physiotherapy School of Academy, YAB agreed to seek opportunities for funding for projects of mutual interests and collaborative activities in key academic and research areas. And, the signed MoU with Politeknik Aisyiyah Pontianak is based on three dharma of Indonesian higher education which is midwifery study programs, medical lab technician study program, and information technology study program.


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