SFA Induction Programme-2022

Induction Programme-2022

Monday, 16 to Wednesday 18 August, 2022       
10:00 am -4:30 pm

Noida International University, School of Fine Arts organized an Induction programme for 2nd, 3rd, 4th year BFA, MFA students and to assist them in making the smoothest transition possible, awareness and motivation for the students for best academic opportunity and personal growth. The event started with the introduction of the students, and the SFA department made the students aware about the syllabuses, co-curricular activities etc.

And at the same time the department also has awareness about fine arts careers, counseling them how once students have finished with a degree in Fine arts, there are many opportunities for work available both locally and internationally. Dr. Umesh Chandra Nayak, Associate Professor, had a discussion about Changing Art style and career revolution in current time and guided the students how to develop their profile for the best profession in future. There was a Screening of Artist documentary and discussion session in the SFA lecture room.

All the faculty members are even motivated and make a Talent show of students, select the students for appointment of new student coordinators and CR on the basis of their talent.  Creative drawing exercises has done based on psychology led by Ms. Neha Jangra, coordinated by Ms. Ritika Mittal and display of drawings and discussion on the output of the exercise with faculties. At last there was debate on the Current art practice in India with the students by Dr. Umesh Chandra Nayak and Ms. Neha Jangra.


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