Dr. Palak Saxena

Assistant Professor

  • PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University
  • Master of Journalism and Mass Communication from IIS University, Jaipur
  • Bachelor of Commerce from Rajasthan University
Dr. Palak Saxena is a highly accomplished academician with a strong background in Journalism and Mass Communication. She holds a PhD in the field from Amity University, showcasing her expertise and dedication to the subject. Additionally, she completed her Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from IIS University, Jaipur and holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Rajasthan University.
Dr. Saxena has made significant contributions to the academic community through her research papers, which have been published in reputable journals. Her book, "Power of Journalism," further demonstrates her knowledge and insights in the field.
Furthermore, Dr. Saxena has achieved recognition for her research work with Scopus publications. She has also contributed to the academic literature by publishing book chapters with ISBN numbers, showcasing her commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise.
In addition to her research accomplishments, Dr. Saxena has gained valuable teaching experience in various subjects related to Cinema, Advertising, Public Relations, Media Management, Radio, Media Laws and Ethics, among others. Her diverse teaching background highlights her ability to effectively impart knowledge and engage students in different areas of the field.
With her extensive education, research contributions, teaching experience, and diverse expertise, Dr. Palak Saxena is a highly qualified candidate for the position of Assistant Professor.

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