Appointment of Dr. Uma Bhardwaj as the Vice-Chancellor of NIU

Dr. Uma Bhardwaj has taken charge of vice-chancellorship at Noida International University. One of the renowned female leaders in the educational landscape, Dr. Bhardwaj, with her impeccable decision-making skills, sound leadership acumen and unparalleled intellect, has steered clear the path towards success for various well-known educational institutions. With over 30 years of experience in various domains, Dr. Uma Bhardwaj understands the value of diverse learning methodology and need of a dynamic teaching pedagogy.

She has worked for five years in the Corporate sector and dedicated over 25 years of her life in uplifting the Teaching and Research sector.

The below statement of Dr. Uma Bhardwaj clearly defines her vision with which she has accepted the prestigious post of Vice-Chancellor at Noida International University:

“I want to make NIU a thought leader of the education sector of our country. It should be uniquely positioned to shape the dialogue and act as a catalyst in the evolution of a high-quality education system across India that matches up to the best in the world. In pursuit of providing the best services, it is important that we all should work hard. I am excited to be a part of this positive change. I plan to make learning more interdisciplinary, connected with reality and focused on developing 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration and communication”.



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