Expanding Horizons Through Progressive Learning

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.  -Malcolm X

Life has more to offer than we can ever comprehend. A layman thinks that opportunities around us are limited, only a few of us can avail the luxuries of life and rest of the humanity will have to live in the setup of society which seems and feels reasonable for people with limited resources. Well, if we see the big picture, we will get to know that these kinds of minuscule thoughts only add to our disappointment and misery.

Breaking the chain of monotonous thoughts and middle-class mentality is really necessary. Reaching for Sun-like Icarus is important while keeping the sanity of our thoughts and awareness of the current state in mind.

How can we break the monotony of thoughts? What all measures should a layman take to become extraordinaire?

The answer is the Progressive Learning approach. Our current education system works on the principle of rote memorization so that a student can pass the exams with flying colors and join the band of hypocritic minds who do not think about the impact of their decision and follow the crowd programmed to live a monotonous life.

To build a better society, we need skilled professionals who are learned enough to execute a task with ease but also are good human beings. Professionals who do not only rely on bookish knowledge and numbers but have a diverse thought process which helps them to navigate through the nitty-gritty of life and bring about a change which impacts society as a whole. A society where financial and social equality is achieved not through theatrical extravaganzas, but through empathy, harmony and tranquillity.

The Progressive Learning approach has become a scarce practice in our current education system. Only a few institutions are following this approach and one such temple of knowledge is Noida International University (NIU).

Noida International University was established in 2010 with a motive to provide quality education and a diverse learning environment to domestic as well as international students. The University endeavours to position itself as the beacon of world-class education on the global educational landscape.

We, at NIU, believe that it is the duty of an educational institution to produce trained professionals who can act as the catalyst for social change. To achieve this feat, dynamic teaching pedagogy and the modern learning process has been forced into effect. Students, irrespective of the course they have opted for, are encouraged to expand their thinking process by bringing down their mental barriers which forces them to mug up the course material rather than motivating them to use their critical-thinking ability and bring on the table multiple solutions to a particular problem which earlier has only one traditional solution.

In my view, educational institutions all across the country should adopt the progressive learning approach to shape the future of the younger generation in an effective way.

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