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“The Beauty of research is that you get to question the very fundamentals of a subject”

The Centre for Research Studies offers PhD and M.Phil programs in various disciplines through its constituent schools and departments. Our PhD and M. Phil programs are designed to give students the space and infrastructure to come up with original research that contributes to the chosen discipline. The aim is to nurture scholarly talent equipped with analytical thinking and problem solving capabilities. Over 300 students from across the globe divulge themselves in 9 academic research departments. The highly qualified faculties act as entrepreneurs and are deeply engaged in education research and carry their research experience into the classrooms. The sprawling digital library is well equipped with textbooks, reference books, journals and periodicals containing unfathomable amount of content.

Requirements for the Award of Ph.D. Degree/MSP Certificate
Ref.No. : CRS/2018/016 Dated: 12th Oct 2018

Format of Ph. D. Progress Report
Ref.No. : CRS / 2018 / 017 Dated:12 th Oct 2018

List of Ph.D. Scholar’s (UGC performs)
Notice-Ref. No: CRS/2018/025

Ph.D Degree Awarded
Notice-Ref. No: CRS/2018/014

M.Phil. Degree Awarded 
Notice-Rf. No : CRS/2018/015 

List of Ph.D Scholars
Notice-Ref. No: CRS/2018/023
Notice-Ref. No: CRS/2018/022

List of M.Phil. Scholar’s
Notice-Ref. No. CRS/2018/024

M.Phil./Ph.D. Ordinance
M.Phil / Ph.D Ordinance January 2019

Year Book 2017-18 
CRS Year Book 2017-2018

Courses & Fee Structure


Note: Admissions will be made strictly through the NIUET and PI.
*An additional INR 1000 to be paid per semester as per Activity Fee
*Scholarships are on the Tuition Fee only.


Dr.D.K Chauhan CRS

Dr.D.K Chauhan


Ph.D, M.Tech, B.E, Electrical Engineering.


Deparment Of Research Studies
NAME : Dr. Abhilekha Sharma
Qualification :Ph.D, Chemistry, M.Sc
Designation :Assistant Professor
Department :Centre For Research Studies
Dr.Surya Kant Yadav
NAME : Dr. Surya Kant Yadav
Qualification :Ph.D, Computer Science, MCA
Designation :Assistant Professor
Department :Centre For Research Studies
Mr.Anupam Yadav
NAME : Mr. Anupam Yadav
Qualification :M.Tech, Telecommunication, B.Tech, ECE
Designation :Assistant Professor
Department :Centre For Research Studies
Mr.Ashish Kumar
NAME : Mr. Ashish Kumar
Qualification :M.Tech, BCM B.Tech, Civil Engg.
Designation :Assistant Professor
Department :Centre For Research Studies
Ms. Aarti
NAME : Ms. Aarti
Qualification :M.Tech, Production Engg. B.Tech
Designation :Assistant Professor
Department :Centre For Research Studies