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School of Fine Arts is driven to provide excellent educational opportunities, responsive to the needs of students through integration of teaching and learning based on experimentation, exploration and exposure to traditional and contemporary art practices.School of Fine Arts (SFA) is a creative centre which provides a unique educational ambience to the students to explore the field of creativity. School of Fine Arts comprises four departments, i.e. Applied Arts, Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture which offers two professional programs. BFA (Bachelor of fine arts) & MFA (Master of fine arts), both the specialization provide, students a comprehensive and rich curriculum with the combination of theory and practice. It is designed for art practitioners to work on a wide variety to develop their skills and knowledge with multidimensional approach. The rigorous studio practice and regular discussion between students, faculty members and experts lead students to attain the degree of satisfaction.

Dean’s Massage

I am delighted to welcome you to the Noida International University, School of Fine Arts, extremely pleased to serve as Director for the School of Fine Arts and am incredibly proud of the academic quality, pathways and opportunities available to our students.  Learning at School of Fine Arts, NIU isn’t just an academic pathway to a valued credential, it is an experience.

Our School offers an exceptional opportunity for students to discover their authenticity as burgeoning artists. The artistic skills that students learn in their chosen disciplines are transferable to numerous other career paths outside of the arts, as well. Students will learn to think creatively and with originality. These are prized attributes in our most successful 21st century entrepreneurs – and artists have been in the forefront of many important advances in society.

From our perspective, there has never been a more exciting time for artists – with many fascinating new careers opening up in our rapidly changing world. At NIU, in the School of Fine Arts, students are exposed to the newest thinking and most important skills in the arts. We teach our students to actually invent their own careers and artistic lives; with strong mentorship from our outstanding faculty. The integration of research and practice in one’s discipline, the ability to navigate within broad and interdisciplinary frameworks, the mastery of excellent communication skills and the encouragement of deep curiosity about life mark the distinguishing characteristics of the vital and progressive SFA arts education.

Key Highlights:

  • Annual Art exhibition with Jury
  • Art studio & practices
  • Visits of museums, Art galleries & major Art Exhibitions
  • Educational Tour
  • National & International Participations
  • Art Workshops & Seminars
  • Expert Lectures & Film Screenings
  • Live Model Study

Our Events

Research Program:

Our research areas explore themes as diverse as the impact of wall painting; ancient rock art on rock shelters and contemporary art, to the way memes are transforming society. Our community of creative research includes artists, art historians, heritage and digital specialists. Fusing the historic with the contemporary is a core part of our ethos. Impact of various artists on contemporary practicing artists, Importance of Art movements in world art history, Role of methods and materials and its importance in present context, Essentials of contemporary ways of doing art works in given time and space, Journal of the Early Book Society for the study of manuscripts and printing history, Role of technology and internet for modern trends in visual art, Challenges for Creativity in contemporary times as visual artists. Impacts and Role of social media in concept development in visual language for student from rural and urban setups, Study the processes and effects through updated technology for the use in present scenario, Impacts of Art Houses and Galleries for young and upcoming artists in the country, Studying and understanding the concept development in visual art through society and history, Art as social tool and its impacts on society, Understanding various forms of traditional and tribal art in India and abroad, A study modern art in India and abroad, Elements of visual arts and their application in visual language.

Programmes Offered

Programmes DURATION Eligibility Fee Non-Sponsored Fee Sponsored Enquiry Now
BFA (Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts) 4 Years Class 12th Board exams with 50% aggregate marks or its equivalent 30,000 39,000 Enquiry Now
MFA(Applied Arts) 2 Years  Bachelor's degree in relevant discipline from a recognized university, obtain the minimum aggregate percentage (usually 50% - 60%) 25,000 33,000 Enquiry Now
MFA(Painting)    Bachelor's degree in relevant discipline from a recognized university, obtain the minimum aggregate percentage (usually 50% - 60%) 25,000 33,000 Enquiry Now
Ph.D 3 years Minimum 55% marks in Masters with relevant subjects The admission to PhD programme is generally given on the basis of Entrance Exams followed by Personal Interview. The candidates will have to explain their research idea during the personal interview 50000 65000 Enquiry Now

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Student Speaks

Garima Verma (3rd Year- Applied Art, School of Fine Arts) has received an award  in the International Virtual Photography Competition on the occasion of World Photography Day- 19th August 2021. Her three photographs got selected in the competition; one of the photographs has received first position in the category of Grassroots innovations.

Garima Verma

He secured third prize in the painting competition on the theme “Circular economy for Productivity & sustainability” on the occasion of National Productivity Week Celebration organized by national productivity Council, New Delhi.

Sanjay Soni

He has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence for his winning painting of Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen in Sweden India Nobel Memorial Painting Contest organized by Embassy of Sweden.

Kailash Kumar Shah

Vidushi is a prolific Artist with a strong interest in Graphic and Creative Illustrations. She has worked as a personality development mentor for aspiring MBA students.

She is a lead illustrator at a Small town Bandits, a Creative Consultancy in India from last 2 years.


She has worked as an Intern at Delhi Secretariat under Shri Manish Sisodia in Art, Culture and Linguistic department. Full time job at an Organisation called Expert GRAD as a Research Associate.


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