• Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh


    Dear Students,
    To incite the bright young minds, a bespoke atmosphere is necessitated, to inspire greatness among the budding leaders, a right blend of challenges and opportunities are called upon, we here at NIU, as an institution of academic brilliance strive for both.

  • Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh

    Hon’ble Chairman

    Dear Students,
    Welcome to NIU – it is the start of a new and crucial step in your life and career ahead. I wish you all the best and through your year with Noida International University we hope that you put your best foot forward from this moment on. “live life to the fullest, take in every moment, and grow from every fault & fear you may encounter – don’t worry about the battles; victory lies with those who win the war!”

  • Dr. Vikram Singh

    Pro Chancellor

    Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,
    It is my proud privilege to welcome you in the largest lush green University campus in the N.C.R. area. Over the years, Noida International University has become synonymous to quality education and student friendly environment. Here we customize the syllabus, pedagogy and overall academics for your personal intellectual and overall evolution as a person, who is not just market ready but a true valuable asset of the nation.
    Education here is with a difference-it aims at giving you a winning edge!

  • (Dr.) K.K. Dewan

    Vice Chancellor

    Dear Students & Parents,
    I welcome all students joining NIU to pursue their ambition and become a part of the University. I extend my best wishes to students, faculty who are part of the University and to those whoseek to join us in our mission of creating knowledge and in contributing to the individual progress and growth of our nation.
    While welcoming you all to NIU, I recall the words of Swami Vivekananda “Our duty is to encourage everyone in his struggle and to live up to his own highest idea and strive to make the idea as near as possible to the truth”.