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The School of Sciences started with the challenge of imparting good quality theoretical and practical education in different disciplines of Science. The School comprises of seven diverse departments with graduate and postgraduate programs. Through our diverse teaching programs we aspire to prepare professionals in the skills of the discipline and to equip students to contribute to rational debate and planning in society on the many aspects of biotechnology, microbiology, agriculture, physics, computer science, chemistry, mathematics and the natural environment. The emphasis is on interactive teaching learning process through tutorial, presentations, demonstrations and discussions based teaching. Our mission is conducting excellent research and creating the next generation of science talent. The core objective of the school is to impart students with logical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem solving skills in the area of Sciences. To equip them with more scientific technological skills in order to meet the growing demand in the industrial, and Research Sectors. The school aspires to:

  • Plan, develop and offer academic programs at Under-graduate and Post-Graduate level and encourage research in discipline-based as well as systemic areas.
  • Collaborate with industry and research institutions for holistic development and growth.
  • Provide learner support using electronic media, and participate in the development and monitoring of student support services.
  • Organise and participate workshops, conferences and seminars sponsored by National and International agencies with a view to improve transaction of science curriculum.

Courses & Fee Structure


*An additional INR 1000 to be paid per semester as per Activity Fee
*Scholarships are on the Tuition Fee only.



Prof. Dr. Geetha A Bhavani

Associate Professor & HOD

 Ph.D(Nanoporus Materials)from Anna University ,M.Sc (Chemistry)from Nagarjunga University , B.Sc(Chemistry)

Faculty Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Abhilekha Sharma Associate Professor Ph.D(New Chemical),M.Sc,B.Sc
Dr. Umme Salma Siddiqui Associate Professor Ph.D(Chemistry),M.Sc,B.Sc
Dr. Arshi Amin Associate Professor Ph.D(Analytical Chemistry),M.Sc,B.Sc


Prof. Dr. Varun Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor & HOD

 Ph.D(Molecular Oncology)from University of Padua ,M.Sc (Biotechnology),B.Sc (Biology)

Faculty Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Navroop Kaur Associate Professor Ph.D(Microbiology),M.Sc,B.Sc
Kashish Gupta Associate Professor Ph.D(Material Science),M.Sc,B.Sc
Garima Sharma Associate Professor M.Sc,B.Sc
Dr. Kamlesh Yadav Associate Professor Ph.D(Biotechnology),M.Sc(Biotechnology),B.Sc(Biotechnology)
Dr. Pooja Sharan Sharma Associate Professor Ph.D(Biotechnology),M.Phill(Biotechnology),M.Sc(Biotechnology),B.Sc(Biotechnology)


Prof. Dr. Shailesh Solanki

Associate Professor & HOD

 Ph.D. (Water Pollution)from Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar University Agra ,B.Ed (Biology),M.Sc (Zoology),B.Sc (Biology)

Faculty Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Archana Singh Associate Professor Ph.D. (Agricuture) ,M.Sc(Microbiology),M.Sc ,B.Sc (Chemistry)


Faculty Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Garima Malhotra Associate Professor M.Phil,M.Sc,B.Sc
Dr. Ritu Raj Associate Professor Ph.D(Maths),M.Phil,M.Sc,BA
Dr.Pankaj Sharma Associate Professor Ph.D.(Queing Theory), M.Phil
Dr. Yashi Jaiswal Associate Professor Ph.D(Maths),M.Sc(Maths),B.Sc


Prof. Dr. Basant Kumar Das

Associate Professor & HOD


Faculty Name Designation Qualification
Babita Tripathi Associate Professor MA(Educatioon),B.Ed,M.Sc,B.Sc
Dr. Tanveer Ahmad Wani Associate Professor Ph.D(Physics),M.Sc,B.Sc


Prof. Dr. Mahtab Alam

Asst.Prof & HOD

  Ph.D(CSE) from Mewar University, M.Tech(CSE),M.Sc(CS),B.Sc (CS)

Faculty Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Nirmal Sharma Associate Professor Ph.D,M.Tech(IT),M.Sc,MCA,B.Sc
Priya Sharma Associate Professor M.Tech(CSE),B.Tech
Piyush Anand Associate Professor MCA,BCA
Sapna Kataria Associate Professor M.Tech(CSE),B.Tech