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Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh

Chairman, Noida International University
Dear Students,

Welcome to NIU – it is the start of a new and crucial step in your life and career ahead. I wish you all the best and through your year with Noida International University we hope that you put your best foot forward from this moment on. “live life to the fullest, take in every moment, and grow from every fault & fear you may encounter – don’t worry about the battles; victory lies with those who win the war!”

Dr. Vikram Singh

Pro Chancellor, Noida International University
Dear Students, Parents and Guardians

It is my proud privilege to welcome you in the largest lush green University campus in the N.C.R. area. Over the years, Noida International University has become synonymous to quality education and student friendly environment. Here we customize the syllabus, pedagogy and overall  academics for your personal intellectual and overall evolution as a person, who is not just market ready but a true valuable asset of the nation.
Education here is with a difference-it aims at giving you a winning edge

Prof. R. D. Sharma

Vice Chancellor, Noida International University
Dear Students & Parents,

Noida International University (NIU), established vide an Act (No. 27 of 2010) of the State of Legislature of Uttar Pradesh, has a cosmopolitan campus at Greater Noida spread over 75 acres of lush green area with students & faculty from almost all states of India, besides 300 students from 22 countries. At present NIU is having about 2500 students pursuing as many as 123 programmes under 11 Schools of learning. In addition to class & lab work on campus, the University organizes seminars, workshop and activity based learning programmes very frequently on the campus as well as in the premises of other organisations of high repute having direct relevance of their practical life of daily affairs to the concerned academic programmes of the university, thus adding value to teaching and research of far reaching significance in the future prospects of young minds. We are continuously redesigning courses of study & syllabi of our academic programmes within the general framework of UGC’s Choice Based Credit System and other regulating bodies like AICTE, NCTE, BCI, NCI, ACI etc. in a semester mode, along with required examination and administrative reforms for more useful value addition to the career of the students along with skill based learning.

Noida International University, being a multifaculty and multidisciplinary university as stated above has a vision to build a landmark institution with an emphasis on teaching and research in the areas taken up along with collaborations with Industry, other education institutions and policy makers as a mission to impart knowledge, employable skill, leadership qualities, character building, thus making Noida International University education holistic and its student a global citizen of multifaceted outlook to get settled in any walk of life.

Accordingly, we endeavour to introduce new job oriented programmes in sync with emerging national and global trends as well as the regional and local needs for placing our students at par with the fast changing demand of industry and society. Providing world class facilities for learning, sports and extracurricular activities for the holistic development of the students is something being always taken up and sharpened rigorously at the Noida International University.

As an institution of higher education, Noida International University understands its responsibility of increasing access, promoting equity and ensuring quality and excellence through its aforesaid course curriculum. In fact quality is the guiding principle and cornerstone of the functioning of all key performance areas of the University.

We hope to give an enriching, vibrant and a contemporary learning experience to the students by keeping pace with the dynamic environment in which we operate .We encourage practices and policies that support healthy student activities for their all round development and need based education. Student facilities like Gymnasium, Fitness Centre, Playgrounds, Auditorium, Health Care, Hostels, Wi-Fi, Libraries, Security, Canteen and Placement Cell – are available on the campus for the overall growth and welfare of the students during their stay on Noida International University Campus.

We welcome new students joining NIU to pursue their ambition and become a part of the University and strengthen our mission of creating knowledge and in contributing to the individual progress of the students and over all knowledge addition. All the aspiring candidates, their parents and other stakeholders are required to go through NIU website and Admission Brochure before they think of admission of their kids in the University.

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Dr. Jayanand

Dr. Jayanand

Registrar, Noida International University

Greetings for the day!!

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but also makes our life in harmony with all existence.

 Rabindranath Tagore


Realizing the gravity of the quintessential words of Rabindranath Tagore, Noida International University (NIU) strives to address the present day exigencies of the society by fostering educated, enlightened and responsible future citizens. The University aims to prepare its students to confront sudden, unpredictable and capricious challenges that keep on surfacing on a daily basis.

Spread across a sprawling 75 acres, the campus of the University provides a congenial environment to its scholars for not only learning but also getting engrossed in their curricular and co-curricular activities for superior hands on experiences and technical skills that eventually become inherent parts of their personality and metamorphose them into a connoisseur in their respective fields.

To foster the research tendencies in the young minds and extend the innovative arena of the faculty, the NIU has recently established “Noida International University Research and Innovation Cell (NRIC)” with the aim not only to drive the pursuit of knowledge, creativity, innovation and discovery, but also aid its members in planning, funding, execution and application of their valuable research output.

The University appreciates the indispensable influence that extra-curricular, cultural and physical activities have on the overall development of persona of students and thus incorporates various sports based, cultural and other co-scholastic activities in their normal university life.

Ingrained with these philanthropic visions, NIU welcomes its students to a world of information, innovation and transformation.